So, what is HDD?

Directional boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD for short) is a method which enables the installation of underground pipes, cables, conduits, fiber optics and more, by creating the necessary path to insert the needed system. Horizontal Directional Drilling companies such as California's Empire HDD invest a lot of money and research in machines and know how to provide a service up to the highest of standards and quality.

Empire HDD answers What is HDD?

How does (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling work?

In recent years the machinery used for horizontal directional drilling has improved dramatically, the general concepts in theory, however, have been the same since the industry’s existence. The main idea is to drill wells in a variety of different angles, not only vertically but also horizontally in order to reach gas and oil reserves or create the necessary path to finish a job efficiently. This technique has a minimal impact on the environment and is certainly more cost effective.

While in the past, mistakes in the angle and other parts of the mathematical method were possible, with Empire HDD's advanced technology, everything is put into a computer which controls the whole procedure making the human error virtually impossible. The angle in which the machine drills is accurate to the millimeter, making directional driller jobs that were previously quite challenging are executed much more easily and smoothly today.

Back Reaming is also a large part of Horizontal Directional Drilling process. Not only does back reaming help enlarge the hole to the desired outside diameter for the job, it also helps develop integrity in the bore wall.

HDD could help the productivity of a gas or oil well by a great deal. A horizontal well could be drilled across the whole gas or oil formation which would lead, in some cases, to a twenty times higher production compared to the one a vertical bore provides. A horizontal drill is considered any drill which exceeds eighty degrees and could sometimes even include a higher than ninety degrees angle upward.

Horizontal Directional Drilling companies are essential to creating new infrastructure, rebuilding old ones, exploiting oil fields and many other enrionmental improvements.