Empire HDD Trenchless Technology

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a non-invasive method of trenchless technology commonly used for installing infrastructure such as power cable conduits, telecommunications, water or sewer lines, as well as gas and oil lines. By directionally boring under obstacles, it offers a strong alternative to traditional trenching methods for the installation of utility lines reaching from one point to another, including under natural gas pipelines.

Recent technological advancements in HDD enable crews to install hundreds of feet of product in a day with very little surface activity or ancillary services. The reduction in project cost and duration saves contractors, developers. and project owners significant amounts of time and money.

Underground Utility Location

Directional Drilling Graphic

Our certified technicians can save you time and money by locating and marking underground utilities to avoid potential excavation problems. Our team is qualified, experienced and efficient to provide your report in a timely manner.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Radio Detection (RD), and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) technology offer real-time on-site data to minimize the risk of damage to existing utilities.

Vacuum Excavation

Reduce the risk of damage inherent with backhoes, excavators and other mechanical tools with vacuum excavation that loosens the soil with a blunt-nosed high pressure air lance or water source and immediately vacuums away loosened material.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer a Turnkey Solution including pre-planning, site survey, permitting, drilling and installation of new materials. Alternatively, we offer a Shoot + Pull option, where we bore the site and pull materials at your discretion (ideal for General Contractors).

Project Development

Our project management provides specific phases to ensure the project is clearly defined. Dividing a project into phases makes it possible to lead it in the best possible direction. Through this organization into phases, the total work load of a project is divided into smaller components, thus making it easier to monitor. The following paragraphs describe a phasing model that has been useful in practice. It includes six phases:

  • Initiation phase
  • Definition phase
  • Design phase
  • Development phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Follow-up phase

Shoot & Pull

As a contractor, you have completed the survey and can tell us where to drill. We will follow your direction to bore the site and pull the necessary materials per your direction. This service is ideal for primary general contractors.

Survey to Survey

We tackle every element of the drilling project, from pre-planning, to site survey, to drilling and installation of required materials. We offer a turnkey solution.