Horizontal Directional Drilling Mahines With State of the Art Equipment

  • We offer the latest state-of-the-art quality drills with all ancillary equipment to perform full project scopes, including the latest locating hardware.
  • Our 20-ton drill can install up to a 24” diameter package. Our 30-ton All-Terrain Rock Drill can accomplish up to a 36" package through any terrain (read: no problem with rocks).
  • Large volume vacuum excavators and Mud kits allow us to dedicate maximum time to getting product in the ground.

Drill Rigs

DW JT30AT (All Terrain) Drill

The DW JT30AT (All Terrain) drill is capable of boring through the toughest terrain, including solid rock. It hosts a heavy-duty stake-down system for greater stability when boring and backreaming. Top horsepower, a high-capacity pump, advanced electronics, with the industry’s most advanced inner-rod design, proven to increase mudflow and power, ensures your job gets done even in the toughest circumstances.

DW JT20 Drill

The DW JT20 drill provides power and a compact size, with exceptional thrust and pullback force for outstanding performance on a wide range of installations. Its compact size is often the ideal solution for urban and residential sites.

DW FX30 Vacuum Excavator

The DW FX30 Vacuum Excavator is a perfect pairing with our drill rigs, used for exposing buried utility lines at all crosses, as well as site clean up.


We have access to tooling (drill bits) for specific soil types and any necessary steering capability. Natural, mineral-based lubricants aid in the smooth installation of various product pipes and can be custom blended to meet local conditions. These new efficiencies allow our drill rigs to use significantly less force allowing them to be more compact and lightweight to give us access to places that once were difficult to access.

Guidance Systems:

Empire HDD Guidance Systems

Empire HDD invested in the latest and greatest in Guidance Systems from Subsite Electronics, featuring dual locating methods, four-frequency beacons, and locating ranges of 110 feet.

This top-of-the-line equipment enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections to avoid obstacles or improve bore accuracy. Bore-logging software provides an “as built” record of the completed bore path at the end of each shot.