Our Team

Jeremy Greer, Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Greer

Chief Operating Officer
Jessica Detillion, Business Development

Jessica Detillion

Business Development
Nate Gulbransen, President

Nate Gulbransen


Empire Earthworks HDD was formed out of necessity when our sister company, Westcoast Solar Energy (WSE) found few horizontal directional drilling companies capable of delivering quality drilling for large solar installations. Rather than face long waits and faulty equipment, we opted to invest in both equipment and talent to form Empire HDD.

The Gold Shovel Standard certification is awarded to professional drilling companies exhibiting an exceptional dig-in safety performance at a significantly higher level than is typically required. Our certified technicians can save you time and money by locating and marking underground utilities to avoid potential excavation problems.

Our company hired experience and then went on to purchase state-of-the-art drilling equipment to meet the needs of projects for WSE. The drill team was introduced to several large builders organizations and promoted throughout the western US with great success.

We offer the best alternative to traditional trenching; go under, not through!

What makes Empire HDD different is the business philosophy we bring to every project. Our management requires daily checks on projects and constant contact with our clients. In addition we recognize that every project and every client can be different. Our model fits whatever the needs are, from shoot-and-pull to complete project design and management.

Horizontal Directional Drilling jobs are available in the North Bay. If you'd like to learn more about training to use one of these awesome directional drilling machines, view our job listings here.