The Leaders of Directional Drilling in the North Bay

Empire Earthworks Trenchless Technology

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We are a full service Horizontal Directional Drilling Company. Our HDD crews install hundreds of feet of product in a day with very little surface activity or ancillary services. The reduction in project cost and duration saves contractors, developers. and project owners significant amounts of time and money.

All Terrain

HDD uses include boring under waterways, roadways, sidewalks, vineyards or hillsides where typical trenching technologies would be cost prohibitive, implausible or environmentally intrusive. It can also preserve mature landscape aesthetics for landscaped properties, both residential and commercial.

HDD offers exceptional value for boring under environmentally sensitive areas.

Empire Earthworks Horizontal Directional Drilling

Our equipment is created to bore through the toughest soil conditions, including rock.